This page provides information about Hoag's Lab and Radiology orderable tests. Use the links below to review orderable items and keep your EMR in sync. The catalogs can be downloaded by clicking on the required worksheet and using the "Save as" function in Excel. If your EMR supports Ask at Order Entry questions, we have included question sets. Answering these questions at the point of order entry reduces phone calls to your facility, and speeds up processing of your orders. For Lab, all answers are discrete values selected from drop down lists. For Radiology, all answers may be set up as free text.

Hoag Lab Manual
The Laboratory Manual contains information on all of the testing offered at Hoag’s Clinical Laboratory including specimen requirements, minimum collection volume, collection time restrictions, patient prep instructions and normal values. If you require additional assistance, please contact the Hoag Clinical Laboratory at 949-764-5600. For test ordering recommendations and results interpretation, request to speak with a Pathologist.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Service Desk at 949-764-8600 or and ask for the HIE Team.