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Connect Using HIE
Benefits for Physician Practices Include:
  • Improved clinical decision-making and patient care
  • Rapid delivery of patient information
  • Auto-print, auto-sort, re-grouping test results and intelligent print groups
  • Search and reprint results on demand (for 30 days after results are delivered)
  • Reduce errors introduced by manual workflows
  • Minimize duplicates and filter out unwanted results
  • Improve staff efficiency and lower practice costs
  • Direct data integration into your EHR
  • Elimination of duplicate results
Custom Filtering and Elimination of Duplication
  • Routes only results that pertain to the physician/practice by filtering data on:
    • Patient type (inpatient, outpatient)
    • Physician role (admitting, referring, etc.)
    • Result status (preliminary, final, corrected)
    • Result type (lab, radiology, etc.)
    • Aggregates data
Connect Using HIE